by mikepk on January 22, 2011

Snapmyinfo’s primary server was hacked

The site was down for about 24 hours starting yesterday January 21 at noon. The main server was compromised by a malicious hacker using a security hole in the Exim program that snapmyinfo uses for email. I brought the site down so that I could isolate the machine and lock it down to avoid any potential further damage.

After studying the attack pattern, I’m certain that no user data was compromised or leaked. The attacker was using a simple “off the shelf” script to try and use snapmyinfo’s email server to relay spam email (even though the script appears to have failed) and was not an attack directed specifically at Snapmyinfo. To be completely safe, I’ve built a whole new server image, re-installed snapmyinfo from source and restored the user database from a backup to be sure that no remnants of the attack remain. I’ve also instituted some new security measures to hopefully avoid this problem in the future.

More people are using Snapmyinfo

Now some happier news: for the past year I’ve been busy working on other projects, but in the interim the number of people using Snapmyinfo has been steadily growing. This includes both the number of signed up users as well as the number of people using snapmyinfo’s email/sms based decoder and free qr vcard generator, qr code generator, and QR code bookmarklet. This may mean that QR codes are finally starting to make inroads with the general public.


I’ve put active development of SnapMyInfo on hold for the past year or so because I felt that QR codes were not quite ready for primetime. With the increased activity on the site, it appears that may be changing though. I’ve added a UserVoice powered feedback tab to Snapmyinfo and am really interested in how you think the service could evolve, what features you’d like to see and how it could be improved. I’ve got many projects going on, but feedback could help me determine if the interest in this kind of project is really there and whether it would be valuable to you if there was more development and energy spent here. Thanks in advance!

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