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SnapMyInfo has shut down

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in this project but after careful consideration SnapMyInfo has been shut down. This project had been running for about seven years and the number of legitimate users had decreased significantly. Additionally, the email decoder had become the target of continous spam for quite some time and maintaining it no longer made sense.

What was it?

SnapMyInfo was a contact sharing service with an email-based QR code decoder. The QR decoder was provided as a free service which many people took advantage of. This allowed any phone, even non-smart phones, to decode QR codes as long as they had access to email and a phone camera. SnapMyInfo additionally provided a 'contact link shortner' and connection tracking. It also had support for using time and geographic information embedded in the barcode photographs to add additional metadata around where and when a barcode was scanned. The whole goal was to make sharing contact information in business settings faster and easier but never fully achieved the goal.

The most popular part of SnapMyInfo, the free email QR decoder, had seen its use decrease to effectively zero. I believe this reflects the fact that their are now very few people interested in QR codes that don't already have a smartphone.

The other part of SnapMyInfo was an augmented reality 'experience' QR code decoder. This was an interesting project but was never completely fleshed out into a full product. Here's an example of one of the test runs:

Keeping this site running has been fun but it's time to move on. You can still find my writing and other side projects over at my blog and if you'd like to send me a note, my contact info is there as well.

-- mikepk --